Thursday, September 18, 2008

CHUKOVvanTRAKToR WeRKs APC and Truk plans as well as Resin ones are available at

Saturday, July 19, 2008

See my main "blog" for some "finished" prototypes. etc etc

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to the CHUKOVvanTRAKToR Werks tutorial

Welcome to the CHUKOVvanTRAKToR Werks tutorial
First cut out some pieces,
this is intentionally designed so most of the cuts can be done -w- scissors.
Score the fold lines on the skirt and hull.

NEXT cut out the blower ports on the hull and glue some thin screen over the holes on the inside
Then cover the ONE SIDE -w- a strip of scrap as shown, make sure not to go over the bend.

FOLD and GLUE the 2 pieces, make sure to line up the grid, thats why its there. LET THEM SIT.

While you are waiting for those to set up do the hardest part of the whole project;
CUT OUT the front blower ports
Then glue screen over the holes.
It is easiest to do this when they are all together as shown + you get all 3 out of the way at one time.

Let those set up then FOLD and glue the bottom tabs on the HULL and SKIRT.
Squirt extra glue on the non tabbed edges so that they will get some gription.
Let them sit a little then tweak the fit a little before it completely set up.

While you are waiting cut out some more pieces.
I'll usually let the HULL sit over night so it sets up good.
at this point I fill in any gaps -w- glue and let them set up
Next glue on the blower port side cover pieces.

Then cut out the doors and glue on this decorative structure piece.

Followed by the doors. * NOTE* you can do the doors however you want, this is just how i did/do them on this model.
Before gluing on the driver cab doors, cut a little off all of the sides of them, not much just a sliver.
Glue on the rest of the doors as you wish, let it all set up then trim and over hang on the front. The above pic shows it pretty well, BUT MAKE SURE IT HAS BEEN GLUED WELL AND IS QUITE DRY BEFORE TRIMMING/SHAVING THE EXTRA OFF.

OK we're in the home stretch.

Finish off the doors -w- the square detail pieces as shown, (or not your choice) and glue the Hull to the Skirt. as usual line up the GRID as best possible. Odds are it will not fit exactly, so glue it as best you can. Wait till that sets up and squirt some glue in the gap and gently but firmly push the pieces together so they fit. Any gaps that don't fit after this, just squirt some glue in there to fill it up/out. The glue chunks left from your fingers that you can see on the images can be scrapped off -w- a dull blade, or painted as dirt.

Next comes the driver view port for the APC model, for the TRUK model just cut out he windshield and glue it on.
OK cut out 3 pieces that are 2x1 squares, and cut one of those in half.
First glue one of them down,to one side lined up in the middle of the face, a little in from an edge, (which ever side you want the driver on)
Next cut one of the pieces in half(more or less) and glue it as shown. This is the actual view slit.

Then after those set u pa little, glue the 3rd on top overlapping so enough of the 2nd piece is showing to represent a view slit.
the only parts remaining are the square detail pieces on the skirts.
the front and back get 3 each as shown above.

The sides get 7 each.
Glue the middle one first, then one end, the the 2 between them. and finally do the other end one, then the 2 between them.
All thats left is to scrape off the glue goobers trim any over hangs and spray paint the hell out of it.
I usually spray them the color I want them to be. Then paint the skirts grey, do a dry brush of grey/tan/black depending on the primary color. Followed by a wash that is clear acrylic, black ink and metallic silver acrylic paint. Some times I'll do another dry brush followed by a selective wash. What ever floats your hover craft.
You are doing it, so make them how you wish. Feel free to modify, send me pics i'd love to see my design in action. If you have any questions feel free to ask mwowmATrocketmailDOTcom